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Hello fellow wanderer of the internet!
How you've stumbled upon this domain, I will never know, but now that you're reading this, I feel as though I should explain what
exactly "this" is.
This website was put together sometime in the year of 2010, and it was created by a 13 year old me who had recently found
a social media-type website/game of the name "TinierMe". As of December of 2012, the website has since become defunct due to legal issues. It was a website that had a heavy anime fan user base that allowed people with similar interests to converse with one another while also dressing up your own persona. (Or as they were called, "Selfys") It was a fun website, and I had spent many days on it as a young teenager talking with my friends, some of them even are still close to me today.
Now, I will say this now, this website here, the one you are on, is absolute ****. It was a product of my own boredom and my child-like interest in doing something "organized" and "adult" or some ******** like that. Two of the "Officers" were not actually people, but in fact me playing their roles much like a young child with dolls. 13 year old me was an odd lonely thing, if I were to be frank, and it is kind of disheartening to see this all again after 4 years. I put as much heart as I could into this fansite, that is, until I got bored but oh the **** well.
So, I repeat, this website is ****. It is also inactive, and will never be active again as far as I'm certain, I just have more interest in different pursuits than running a dead poorly put together anime website (I don't even like anime anymore.)
since you've gone out of your way and stumbled upon this website, I'll tell you this.
Do whatever you want here. I'm going to remove all editing blocks on Tinierland, so that anyone can edit any bull crap on this sad ******* excuse of a website. Make this entire website your free canvas and you the grafitti artist. Make pages, write about your **** life or curse and spit things you would never ever want anyone who knows you to read. Make this entire piss pool you're ***** if you want. I whole heartedly encourage it. Hell, the homepage read "BOOTY(x300)" for about 2 years until I found this page again, I honestly don't give a ****.

Or, you know, you can just leave. Or just read through the website and have a laugh at a stupid 13 year old boy posing as three 13 year old girls, 'cause that **** is funny, too.

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